Y 9 Staying Safe Online


For young people, the internet provides a place to express themselves, be creative and push boundaries in a way they cannot in the world. But alongside the opportunities there are dangers.

This informed study explores what the dangers are, how young people use the internet, what safeguards can be put in place—and how to respond if and when inappropriate use of the internet does take place. The aim is to enable young people to be safe as they are salt and light online.

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Author: Nicola David

Nicola David is a member of Holy Trinity Ripon, and is married with one daughter. She is passionate about evangelism, and co-founded Church on the Net in 2007. She has a degree in business studies and the Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Having held senior positions in international marketing, she has also worked in design and advertising agencies, and is now a freelance copywriter for advertising and design.

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