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It is increasingly common to hear references to ‘Baby Boomers,’ ‘Generation X,’  ‘Millennials (Generation Y),’ and ‘Generation Z,’ labels used to refer to people born in particular periods of time since the Second World War. What is the ‘Gen Theory’ underlying these distinctions, and what does it offer in helping to understand the social values often shared in these groupings? 

This booklet provides an introduction to Gen theory and particularly to GenZ, the young people comprising youth groups today. Critically aware of the limitations of Gen theory, it identifies important characteristics that older adults may not fully appreciate, and discusses the implications for more effective youth ministry today.

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Author: Jonny Price

Jonny Price has been involved in youth ministry in one form or another since 2005, as a volunteer, a full-time youth worker, a lecturer and a consultant. He holds a BA in Mission and Ministry (Youth) and an MA in Mission. Since 2020 he has been Church Resources Officer for Church Army.

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