Y 71 Toddler Groups in Church: The Foundation for Flourishing Youth Work


How optional are toddler groups for local churches and what is their real value and potential? In what ways can they be distinctively Christian without driving away families that do not come to church?

This helpful booklet explores the priority of toddler groups and sets forth the case not simply for having one in the local church but also for ensuring its Christian character. It offers wisdom, good practical advice and resources for running groups that can thrive and be an essential asset for families and congregations.

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Author: Becky May

Becky May is a former primary school teacher who has recently completed her MA in children’s, youth and family ministry, having been involved with this for over 25 years. She founded The Resources Cupboard to journey with the local church to make young disciples. She lives in Bedfordshire with her husband and two young children.

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