Y 6 How to Develop a Youth Work Project: Learning from Noah (2007)

When Noah built the ark, it looked like an impossible challenge, was hard work, needed a team, provoked ridicule and opposition, and at times looked like it would never get finished. Developing a youth project can feel like this too! But one day, it started to rain...

This booklet tells you all you need to know about developing your project, from sharing vision, through building your team to applying for funding, and points you to further resources and information. It even comes with a water-proof cover!
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Author: Nigel Pimlott

Nigel Pimlott is passionate about work with young people. He has worked for Frontier Youth Trust for many years and is the author of a number of books and youth work resources. He lives in Newark, spends far too long on Facebook, and is a lifelong supporter of Manchester City.

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