Y 58 Does Youth Ministry Have a Future? Lessons Learned and Lost from Youth Ministry Past and Present (2020)


‘We need “something” for the youth!’ This oft-repeated refrain can mask the view that as long as young people are attending church and are relatively engaged, exactly what that something is becomes less important. 

This no-holds-barred study looks to the future of Christian youth work by examining its past and present. It urges church leaders and members to adopt a multigenerational approach in which youth ministers facilitate the movement of truth, compassion, discipleship, worship and mission between young people, the church and the broader community.

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Author: Tim Gough

Tim Gough is the Pioneer Youth for Christ Director for Wales, the editor of and author of ‘Rebooted: Reclaiming Youth Ministry for the Long Haul.’ He has a BA in Theology and an MA in Missiology, and serves as an adjunct lecturer in youth and theology at Cliff College.

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