Y 56 Mental Health and Young People: Improving Mental Health Awareness in Youth Work (2019)


There is increased recognition in secular and sacred spheres that we are both body and soul. And as the very engine that drives our bodies, if the brain is unwell, we are unwell.

This timely guide examines how mental health can impact youth work, draws wisdom from the Bible and gives guidelines for dealing with the complex nature of mental illness. It urges those involved in caring for vulnerable young people to follow Jesus’ example by looking beyond the illness to the person beneath.

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Author: Jenni Osborn

Jenni Osborn has worked with children and young people for more than 25 years in a variety of contexts, including as a youth worker, teacher, schools’ worker, school governor and trainer. She writes a regular column for ‘Youth and Children’s Work’ magazine and trains and equips youth workers.

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