Y 55 Seasons and Saints: Exploring the Christian Year with Young People (2019)


Ancient saints or archaic seasons might seem irrelevant to ministry with children and young people. But ignoring them risks losing the rhythm and flow of the church year, and the understanding of how the gospel story fits together. 

This guide explores why it is vital to help children and young people make sense of Christian seasons and celebrations, and examines ways to do so. It also outlines how to connect with and learn from the vast, strange and amazing history of the church, its saints and the Christian faith.

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Author: Nick Harding

Nick Harding has worked in children’s, youth and families ministry for 25 years, including as a diocesan adviser. He writes and speaks on subjects ranging from intergenerational worship to the church and boys. He is on General Synod, is a Lay Minister and magistrate and is married to Clare, a head teacher.

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