Y 49 Exploring Spirituality in Video Games: Encountering Meaning in Digital Spaces (2017)


Video games are a hugely diverse and varied art form, offering wildly unpredictable experiences, interactive invitations to see life from different perspectives and often beautiful, intricate recreations of other worlds.

This eye-opening guide shows how youth workers can use video-game spaces meaningfully to explore emotional, ethical, spiritual and even worshipful themes. It argues that delving into this untapped resource can help young people to engage with a host of real-life questions and issues.

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Author: Alastair Jones

Alastair Jones is a freelance coach and trainer. He was CEO of Frontier Youth Trust for over five years and a member of the Youth and Community JNC. A doctor in chemical physics, he finds headspace through cycling, and volunteers in youth work in his home community of Stretford, Manchester.

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Author: Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson (@GeekDadGamer)is a theologically trained freelance video-game expert for national newspapers and the BBC, and runs the Family Gamer TV YouTube channel. He has worked on the theory and practice of spirituality in video games in a range of contexts.

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