Y 48 Social Activism: A Youth Worker’s Guide to Activism and Discipleship (2017)


Social activism is all about intentional actions that change the world for the better. Far from being a radical pursuit confined to the margins, it should be a natural part of Christian discipleship, as we strive to overturn injustice and bring about the kingdom of God.

This resounding study urges youth workers to be activists who equip and encourage young people to change the world, Jesus-style. It explores how Jesus embraced both compassionate ministry and activism, and includes practical ideas for introducing activism into youth work.

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Author: Nigel Pimlott

Nigel Pimlott is passionate about work with young people. He has worked for Frontier Youth Trust for many years and is the author of a number of books and youth work resources. He lives in Newark, spends far too long on Facebook, and is a lifelong supporter of Manchester City.

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