Y 47 The Unappreciated Art of Ending Well: How to Finish Strong in Youth Work Roles, Groups and Projects (2017)


That a youth work project, group, relationship or role will eventually come to an end is just as inevitable as its beginning. Yet discerning, planning and managing an intentional ending can be an undervalued aspect of ministry.

This helpful guide is for anyone wanting to hone their skills in the art of ending well. It argues that planning how to finish is imperative not only for youth workers, but also for the sake of the young people and wider communities they serve, not to mention their successors.

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Author: Rob Tumilty

Rob Tumilty writes, teaches and assesses CYM courses from Level 1 through to Postgraduate level. As a Senior Youth Worker, he remains passionate about seeing young people make a difference in their own communities. Married with three beautiful children, he loves West Ham, eating chocolate and keeping chickens.

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