Y 43 Chaplaincy with Children and Young People (2016)


Chaplaincy for children and young people (CYP) operates in a liminal place, bridging the space between the institution—be it hospital, school, or young-offenders’ institute—and the mission of God through the church.

This insightful booklet explores the theological perspectives and practice skills that underpin this distinctive ministry, drawing on the experience of chaplaincy practitioners in a range of settings.

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Author: Nigel Roberts

Nigel Roberts has been involved in youth work for thirty years and sees no reason to stop. He continues to run a youth theatre, a small film team and teach drama at secondary level. He has three grandchildren who still consider him to be relevant.

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Author: Paul Nash

Paul Nash has worked as a chaplain at Birmingham Children’s Hospital since 2002 and has been the leader of a multifaith team there for over ten years. He plays golf for the Church of England and enjoys kayaking, coastal walking and film. Paul blogs at

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