Y 4 Young People As Prophets (2006)

Young people's voices very often say it like it is, are counter-cultural, fragile, and frequently ignored. As such they share many characteristics of the biblical prophets.

From their wide experience of working with youth, the authors explore how young people have spoken prophetically in Scripture and in the world of today - and throw down the challenge to listen to what God might be saying through them.
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Author: Dave Wiles

Dave is CEO of Frontier Youth Trust, with over 30 years' youth and community work experience. Following his turbulent adolescence, his youth and community work is 'helper therapy' as he works out what happened to him in the '60s!

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Author: Richard Bromley

Richard is Director of Local Ministries for Youth for Christ and project leader for their New Media Department. He has a Masters Degree in Mission and is married to Denise with two children, Sarah and Ryan.

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Author: Rt Revd Roger Sainsbury

Roger is the Chair of the National Youth Agency, Chair of The Centre for Youth Ministry Board and President of Frontier Youth Trust

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