Y 35 Challenging Images of Young People: Towards a Biblical Understanding of the Young

Negative portrayals of young people can be found all around us, from media reports of criminal behaviour to advertising that casts the blame for many of society”s problems at the feet of the young.

And yet the Bible tells a different story, of young people answering God”s call, reflecting something of his character as they act as agents of creative change. This booklet makes a compelling case for fresh and more honest ways of working with young people, and calls for an understanding of the young that is both biblically rooted and follows the very passion of God.
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Author: Robin Rolls

Having spent a short while in youth work, Robin Rolls now works for the Outlook Trust, a charity working at the other end of the age range! Robin lives in Yorkshire with his three children and Charlie the dog. He is a Leeds United supporter and plays cricket when he can.

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