Y 23 Timeless Approaches to Prayer: Drawing Inspiration from Christian Tradition (2011)

'As a Christian I was told that I should pray, but no-one really taught me how.' In recent years there have been a number of books written for the purpose of introducing youth workers and young people to historical and traditional styles of Christian prayer. Many now use these methods with young people and have found them to bring both freshness and depth to prayer in their youth work.

This booklet looks at some of the principles that underpin these types of practices, why they might work and the ways we can begin to apply those principles to prayer in strategic ways.
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Author: Paul Northam

Paul Northam has been a youth worker in Catholic and Anglican churches for 17 years and currently works in Birmingham. He is married to Joanne and has three children. Paul has an interest in various styles of Christian prayer, particularly Benedictine spirituality, and is an Oblate of St Mary's Abbey, Colwich.

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