Y 15 Taking Risks: Young People and Risk-Taking Behaviour (2009)


Young people are renowned for engaging in risk-taking behaviour‚ just as adults are renowned for telling them off! But is there another way to engage with this facet of youth culture?

This reflective study looks at some of the reasons why young people engage in risk-taking behaviour. It argues that developing an understanding of the underlying issues can enable more productive work with young people, and includes practical examples of how this is being done in a range of contexts.

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Author: Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown is a BMS World Mission worker and Lecturer in Youth Ministry and Applied Theology at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon. He is working towards his doctorate in youth ministry within Islamic contexts and is a Consulting Editor for www. Arthur enjoys relaxing with his family, fast motorbikes, classic VWs, and supports Arsenal.

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