Y 11 Restorative Justice: Reconciliation for a Hurt Generation (2008)

Restorative Justice was developed in Australia as a more satisfactory alternative to the punitive approach of Western models of justice and punishment. It has had demonstrable benefits in both less formal and more formal contexts.

This study shows how it offers a way of being faithful to God's concern for the restoration of relationships in justice, outlines its benefits and offers practical guidelines to its implementation in a youthwork context.
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Author: Fran Wright

Fran Wright is a youth worker for Oxford Youth Works, heading up the JOY project and the restorative justice elements of the charity's work. She is also works part time for the Oxford Centre for Youth Ministry. She enjoys going to gigs and experiencing different cuisines on the Cowley Road!

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Author: Rob Humphreys

Rob Humphreys has worked with young people since leaving university, first for St Andrew's Church, Oxford, and then developing work in a local council estate. He currently works as a houseparent and teacher at Kingham Hill School. Rob is married with a young son, and two (naughty) dogs.

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