Y 1 Responding to Challenging Behaviour


Many churches with a heart for mission start working with young people - only for the work to fail because of not knowing how to respond to challenging behaviour.

This clear and practical study looks at strategies for responding, from understanding the causes, creating the right culture, knowing how to respond immediately and in the longer term, right through to developing 'survival strategies' for workers. With examples for good practice throughout, it is essential reading for anyone working with young people.

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Author: Jo Pimlott

Jo is Assistant Director of the Midlands Centre for Youth Ministry and is involved in local church leadership. She enjoys the outdoors, pilates and anything creative.

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Author: Jo Whitehead

Jo Whitehead is Assistant Director of the Midlands Centre for Youth Ministry based at St John's Nottingham, which offers courses in youth, children's and schools' work with practical theology. She is a volunteer youth worker in her local church and is passionate about creativity, spirituality and learning. She enjoys, gardening, walking, writing and all kinds of creative projects.

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Author: Nigel Pimlott

Nigel Pimlott is passionate about work with young people. He has worked for Frontier Youth Trust for many years and is the author of a number of books and youth work resources. He lives in Newark, spends far too long on Facebook, and is a lifelong supporter of Manchester City.

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