X 36 Is Papal Authority a Gift to Us? A Critique of 'The Gift of Authority' (2003)

The most recent publication of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) examined the question of authority in the church. But Anglican responses to it were very sharply divided. Could Anglicans ever imagine accepting some form of Papal Primacy in a future church?

This study sets the discussions in the context of the historical changes in Roman thought and doctrine and Anglican responses to it, and asks some very penetrating questions of the report and responses to it. It is at once comprehensive, authoritative and accessible, and will be essential reading for anyone concerned with this ecumenical debate.
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Author: Colin Buchanan

Colin Buchanan has taught and composed liturgy and has written about it and practised it for over 50 years. He was on the Liturgical Commission from 1964 to 1986, and he has advised about liturgical revision round the Anglican Communion. This title reflects his concern for liturgy to be scriptural.

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