W 247 How to Present Words for Worship in Print and on Screen (2021)


The handling of texts, on screen and printed in leaflets, can give rise to all sorts of issues which distract from the worship of God—partly because of the decline in use of service books, and partly as a reflection of the culture we live in.

How can we do this well, so that people are not distracted, but are free to focus on the worship of God? This comprehensive guide leads you through the whole process, decoding jargon, highlighting common errors and giving concrete examples. It is the essential guide!

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Author: Mark Earey

Mark Earey has been teaching liturgy to Anglican and Methodist ministerial students (and a lot of other people too) at The Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham for the last nine years. Previously he was Team Rector of Morley, West Yorkshire, and National Education Officer for Praxis

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