W 246 Learning from Lockdown: How Churches Have Dealt with COVID-19 (2021)


As vaccination progresses, and we look towards the end of Covid lockdown, this is a good moment to review our practice of collective worship. What has gone well? What has not gone well? What have we learned, and what will we take forward?

So this is also a good moment to look to the future. What has all this taught us about worship, engagement with God, and community? These reflections, from a range of experiences, offer invaluable insights that can equip us for the next stage of life together.

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Author: Group for the Renewal of Worship

The authors are members of the author group for the Grove Worship Series: Shayne Ardron is a Reader in Leicester; Anna de Lange is a retired Reader, author and editor, living in Sheffield; Anne Harrison is a church musician, and an editor, who lives in Durham; Graham Hunter is vicar of St John’s, Hoxton in London; Daniel Newman is a vicar in Hampshire; Ian Tarrant is Dean of Gibraltar; Phillip Tovey is Principal of the Local Ministry Programme and Warden of Readers in the Diocese of Oxford

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