W 239 Wisdom for Worship Bands: Advice from Unexpected Places (2019)


Worship leaders (meaning those who lead sung worship) have a role of growing importance in the life of the local church, not least because what we sing shapes our theology and spirituality. 

But do we always reflect on what we are doing? This study draws on insight from musicology, theology and worship to suggest ways that worship leaders can reflect on what music does to us, what lyrics are saying, and what shape our worship takes. It offers a vital resource for a vital ministry. 

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Author: Revd John Leach

The Revd John Leach currently works as Growing Disciples Officer for Lincoln Diocese, following 21 years in parish ministry, six as a diocesan Officer, five as director of Anglican Renewal Ministries, and a few months as an IKEA truck driver. He also acts as a tutor at the Lincoln School of Theology and is engaged in Doctoral studies on charismatic Anglican worship. He is married to Chris, whose ministry is discipling children, and they have three grown up kids and a granddaughter.

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