W 235 Worship and Disability: A Kingdom for All (2018)


Most worshipping communities will include at least one person with some sort of disability, though it may not be a visible one. Making conscious plans for being inclusive to those disabilities is less common. 

This booklet is for church members and leaders, with or without disabilities, to help them look at their worship and its context through new eyes, and to suggest easy ways of improving accessibility.

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Author: Anna de Lange

Anna de Lange is a Reader and a former member of the Liturgical Commission. As she gets older she has become increasingly aware of the ways in which our liturgies and our worship fail to address things that are basic needs for disabled people.

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Author: Katie Tupling

Katie Tupling is an Anglican priest, disability adviser and co-founder of the online task group Disability and Jesus. She was born with cerebral palsy, and is the proud owner of purple crutches, a purple wheelchair and a red mobility scooter.

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