W 233 Discipline and Desire: Embracing Charismatic Liturgical Worship


What is the relationship between structure and spontaneity in our worship? They are often seen in conflict, caricatured respectively as dull rigidity and undisciplined sloppiness.

But just as a plant often needs a trellis to support it, so our spontaneous words of love for God need the structure of liturgy to train them. This wonderfully engaging study is full of practical advice and wise reflection on the nature of worship, and will inform and enrich all those who read it.

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Author: Graham Hunter

Graham Hunter is Vicar of St John’s Church, Hoxton in Hackney. Prior to ordination he worked as a worship pastor in an inner-city parish in Paddington. His MA dissertation explored charismatic approaches to the Eucharist, and he has remained interested in how churches in the charismatic renewal tradition engage with liturgy in their worship.

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