W 213 Introducing Additional Eucharistic Prayers (2012)

Following a diocesan motion to General Synod, two new Eucharistic Prayers are now available specifically for use in context where children are present.

This introduction and commentary is written by one of the people involved in their production, together with comments from a “critical friend.” Between them, they highlight the significant contribution both the prayers and the process of their introduction make to Anglican liturgy.
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Author: Phillip Tovey

Phillip is Director of Reader Training, Diocese of Oxford and Liturgy Tutor, Ripon College, Cuddesdon. He has experience of working overseas and in parish ministry and has written widely on Christian worship and liturgy.

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Author: Tim Stratford

The Ven Dr Tim Stratford has been Archdeacon of Leicester since 2012. Previously his ministry had been in the Diocese of Liverpool, most recently as Team Rector of Kirkby, a large outer-city estate parish. His doctoral research was an analysis from the bottom up of the mid-Victorian slum priest ritualists. He has served on the Liturgical Commission from 2005-2015

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