W 209 Thirty Ways to Use Music in Worship

Music is usually used in only one or two ways in worship, and participative singing is something increasingly rare outside church.

This study offers 30 (yes, 30!) ways to use music in worship, including a range of participative approaches, music as presentation, and pre-recorded music. Engaging with these is sure to help those within church encounter God at the same time as connecting with those on the outside.
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Author: Revd John Leach

The Revd John Leach currently works in the Discipleship Team in Lincoln Diocese, following 21 years in parish ministry, six as a diocesan Officer, five as director of Anglican Renewal Ministries, and a few months as an IKEA truck driver. He is married to Chris, whose ministry is discipling children, and they have three grown up kids. John blogs regularly at revjohnleachblog.

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