W 193 Sowing in Tears: How to Lament in a Church of Praise (2007)

Lament is a well-known feature of the Psalms, but the cry of desolation to God, inviting his response, is also a theme right through Scripture. However, it is a theme we have lost in our discipleship and in our worship and one we desperately need to recover.

This compelling study looks at both the biblical theme and the pastoral need for its recovery, and then offers practical resources for engaging with it as an element in worship and as a shape for worship‚ essential if we are to proclaim the ‘now and not yet’ of the kingdom of God with integrity.
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Author: Revd Paul Bradbury

The Rev'd Paul Bradbury worked in medical research and urban regeneration before ordination. He is curate in the parish of Bitterne Park in Southampton. He loves writing, preaching and exploring new and creative ways of engaging people, particularly non-Christians with the gospel. He is also the author of Life from Death Emerging (Triangle, 2002).

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