W 190 Introducing Times and Seasons: 2. The Easter Cycle (2007)

The new Church of England resource 'Times and Seasons' provides material which can add to and enrich services throughout the year.

This second commentary looks at the provision for the period from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost, showing how the material may be used, where is needs reshaping, and how it can add to the celebration of this season.
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Author: Andrew Atherstone

The Revd Dr Andrew Atherstone is tutor in history and doctrine, and Latimer research fellow, at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. He is also assistant curate of Eynsham and Cassington, near Oxford, having previously worked for churches in Islington, Reading and Abingdon.

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Author: Colin Buchanan

Colin Buchanan has taught and composed liturgy and has written about it and practised it for over 50 years. He was on the Liturgical Commission from 1964 to 1986, and he has advised about liturgical revision round the Anglican Communion. This title reflects his concern for liturgy to be scriptural.

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Author: Revd Patrick Angier

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Author: Phillip Tovey

Phillip is Director of Reader Training, Diocese of Oxford and Liturgy Tutor, Ripon College, Cuddesdon. He has experience of working overseas and in parish ministry and has written widely on Christian worship and liturgy.

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