W 188 Baptism and Holy Communion in the Methodist and the United Reformed Church (2006)

The ‘Free’ churches have been as much affected by liturgical revision as has the Church of England. This study, a follow-up to the earlier booklet on the same subject, looks at the impact of this in the Methodist Church and URC.

It explores the tensions between historic convictions and ecumenical consensus, and compares the theology and shape of services with Anglican rites. It will be a helpful manual for LEPs and other ecumenical contexts.
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Author: Revd Charles Read

Charles is Tutor in Liturgy and Systematics at Cranmer Hall, St John's College, Durham. He was a member of General Synod and is now a member of the Durham Diocesan Liturgical Committee. He was previously Team Vicar in Broughton (Manchester Diocese).

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Author: Phillip Tovey

Phillip is Director of Reader Training, Diocese of Oxford and Liturgy Tutor, Ripon College, Cuddesdon. He has experience of working overseas and in parish ministry and has written widely on Christian worship and liturgy.

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