W 183 How to Lead Evensong (2005)


Whilst its form and style continues to change, preaching remains a vital part of the life of most congregations - and an increasingly wide range of people are involved in this ministry.

There are many congregations where BCP Evensong for Evensong (or Evening or Morning Prayer) is a central part of the worshipping life. But there may often be no ordained minister to lead.

This 'How to' booklet answers all the questions you would need to ask to lead such a service, explaining what to do and why, to enable you to lead clearly and allow this to become a service of worship, not just a set of words.

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Author: Revd Gilly Myers

Gilly is the Succentor and Sacrist of Durham Cathedral, and the editor of Praxis News of Worship. She has been involved in the training and support of worship leaders for several years, and has much experience of BCP Evensong (alongside a variety of other worship styles).

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