W 181 Liquid Worship (2004)


In a static society, traditional patterns of 'one size fits all' worship might be fine. But how can we take account of the diversity in the church - let alone those who never darken its doors - in our worshipping life?

This exciting study sets out a way forward that turns worship into a missional opportunity. It explains what 'liquid worship' looks like, answers objections, and gives concrete examples that can be adapted to a wide variety of situations.

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Author: Revd Dr Michael Moynagh

Michael is co-director of the Tomorrow Project and based at Templeton College, Oxford. He is author of Changing World, Changing Church and emergingchurch.intro, both published by Monarch.

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Author: Tim Lomax

Tim is a worship leader, song writer and author, and also directs the fit for heaven? worship conferences. He lives in Cambridge with his wife Kate who is a Chaplain at Addenbrookes hospital.

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