W 180 Labyrinths and Prayer Stations (2004)


A number of churches have experimented with 'prayer journeys' or 'labyrinths' in which a number of 'prayer stations' are visited in sequence.

Ian Tarrant and Sally Dakin explore this approach to worship, with emphasis on the stations and the 'active prayer' that goes on at each one. Readers are enabled and encouraged to design and set up prayer journeys and other prayer activities of their own. Includes tried-and-tested examples, which may be copied or adapted.

We have put together a number of example prayer stations and labyrinths for you to think through the idea in your own context.

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Author: Ian Tarrant

Ian Tarrant has ministered as a CMS Mission Partner in DR Congo, amid African flora and fauna; as a university chaplain in Nottingham, not far from Sherwood Forest and the Peak District; and now as an incumbent in suburban Woodford, where London meets Epping Forest.

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Author: Sally Dakin

Sally Dakin is Spirituality Adviser for the Diocese of Winchester. Her background is in adult education and group work, and she is passionate about helping people to connect with God, especially through prayer workshops and quiet days.

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