W 177 How to Read the Bible in Church (2003)

Christians believe that the Bible is the word of God - yet often the way we approach it in church does not reflect that high importance. The readings may sound boring, be inaudible, or be read without expression or any understanding of the context of a passage.

This 'how to' booklet looks at the whole range of 'why's and 'how's of reading the Bible in church. It offers an exciting range of creative approaches - all tried and tested - as well as careful training on the basics of reading well. It will be of interest to anyone concerned that Scripture should be 'alive and active' for those listening.
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Author: Anna de Lange

Anna de Lange is a Reader and a former member of the Liturgical Commission. As she gets older she has become increasingly aware of the ways in which our liturgies and our worship fail to address things that are basic needs for disabled people.

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Author: Revd Liz Simpson

Liz is Priest-in-Charge of the West Buckinghamshire Benefice in Oxford Diocese, a group of small rural parishes. She has worked with Local Ministry Teams, and led training events to enable lay people to plan and lead all aspects of worship.

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