W 173 Liturgy and Urban Mission (2002)

Middle class suburban culture dominates the central structures of the Church of England, and so it is no surprise that it also dominates its official liturgy. But urban culture has its own distinctive features and so liturgy and worship need adapting in order to connect with that culture and take seriously the urban mission imperative.

This study looks at these distinctive features - especially in the areas of language, education, money and identity - and suggests practical ways of making liturgy and worship fit the mission context.
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Author: Tim Stratford

The Ven Dr Tim Stratford has been Archdeacon of Leicester since 2012. Previously his ministry had been in the Diocese of Liverpool, most recently as Team Rector of Kirkby, a large outer-city estate parish. His doctoral research was an analysis from the bottom up of the mid-Victorian slum priest ritualists. He has served on the Liturgical Commission from 2005-2015

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