W 171 Collects: An Alternative View (2002)

The collects that were published as part of the new Common Worship texts had a somewhat mixed reception. As a result, a new set of texts has been commissioned. But is it just the texts that need revision - or something more fundamental?

After looking at the recent debates, the origins of the form and the shape of collects today, this booklet argues for a new approach to replace the very large number of collects in Common Worship with a smaller range for use in seasons and on special occasion.

This radical proposal could potentially restore collects to being, once again, memorable and therefore useful as 'prayers of the heart'.
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Author: Colin Buchanan

Colin Buchanan has taught and composed liturgy and has written about it and practised it for over 50 years. He was on the Liturgical Commission from 1964 to 1986, and he has advised about liturgical revision round the Anglican Communion. This title reflects his concern for liturgy to be scriptural.

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Author: Revd Gilly Myers

Gilly is the Succentor and Sacrist of Durham Cathedral, and the editor of Praxis News of Worship. She has been involved in the training and support of worship leaders for several years, and has much experience of BCP Evensong (alongside a variety of other worship styles).

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Author: Mark Earey

Mark Earey has been teaching liturgy to Anglican and Methodist ministerial students (and a lot of other people too) at The Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham for the last nine years. Previously he was Team Rector of Morley, West Yorkshire, and National Education Officer for Praxis

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Author: Tim Stratford

The Ven Dr Tim Stratford has been Archdeacon of Leicester since 2012. Previously his ministry had been in the Diocese of Liverpool, most recently as Team Rector of Kirkby, a large outer-city estate parish. His doctoral research was an analysis from the bottom up of the mid-Victorian slum priest ritualists. He has served on the Liturgical Commission from 2005-2015

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