W 162 Common Worship Marriage

Continuing the Worship series commentaries on Common Worship services, this practical guide starts with a brief history of weddings, looks at the structure and reasoning of the Common Worship service, and highlights good practice in the preparation for and conducting of the wedding. It also suggests possibilities for formal involvement of church and minister before and after the wedding itself, as part of a 'staged rites' approach.

It will be of value both as an introduction to weddings in general, and to the revised approach of Common Worship in particular.
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Author: Anna de Lange

Until 1999 Anna was Reader at St Andrew's, Woodside. She has served on the Liturgical Commission and is a member of the Group for the Renewal of Worship. She is Reader and Chaplain to Durham School.

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Author: Revd Charles Read

Charles is Tutor in Liturgy and Systematics at Cranmer Hall, St John's College, Durham. He was a member of General Synod and is now a member of the Durham Diocesan Liturgical Committee. He was previously Team Vicar in Broughton (Manchester Diocese).

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