W 136 Six Eucharistic Prayers as Proposed in 1996: The Official Texts for Final Approval with Introduction and Commentary (1996)


The rejection of the original six prayers in General Synod was controversial, not least because there was no agreed reason why the prayers were unsatisfactory. Containing the only published version of the prayers, this commentary throws light on their development and how the way was paved for the new prayers in Common Worship.

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Author: Colin Buchanan

Colin Buchanan has taught and composed liturgy and has written about it and practised it for over 50 years. He was on the Liturgical Commission from 1964 to 1986, and he has advised about liturgical revision round the Anglican Communion. This title reflects his concern for liturgy to be scriptural.

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Author: Trevor Lloyd

Trevor Lloyd chaired the group responsible for 'Patterns for Worship,' with its innovative training material for worship leaders, as well as groups responsible for adult training and worship in the Diocese of Exeter.

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