S 96 Soul Spark: A Short Course Exploring Prayer and Spiritual Growth

Soul Spark is a six-session course that opens up some of the riches of the Christian tradition to enable a deeper and healthier spirituality.

It offers a variety of approaches to prayer and provides a context for reflection and sharing. Rather than seeking to teach, it seeks to encourage people to open up to God and 'let the creator deal with the creature.'

Further resources, including handouts and in-depth explorations of the key themes, are available on the Soul Spark web site
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Author: Revd Nick Helm

Nick Helm was introduced to Ignatian spirituality whilst a parish priest. The effect was transformative and continues to inform his life and ministry. He was Advisor in Spirituality in the Diocese of Sheffield for ten years and is now Continuing Ministerial Development Officer in the Diocese of Hereford, and is involved in encouraging spiritual growth and spiritual direction.

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