S 92 Simple Tools for Stillness (2005)


Efficiency, energy and autonomy are perhaps the most prized attributes of our society. So why should we want to let go of these, to be still and 'waste' time with God? Because he commands us to, because we need to, and because therein lies great reward.

This exploration of stillness looks at our need for it, the resources we have to engage in it, and what God can offer us through it. This booklet and the accompanying resources on this website also offer practical exercises to help us be still and know God.

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Author: Wanda Nash

Wanda Nash is an author and speaker on a range of subjects including stress, spirituality, and Rwanda. Her professional experience includes nursing, education, research and adult training. She enjoys meeting people, reading and prison visiting. Married to a senior clergyman, she has four daughters and eight grandchildren.

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