S 88 Augustine and the Journey to Wholeness (2004)


Augustine is a theological and spiritual giant, whose influence on Western Christian thought is almost without parallel. Many dismiss him because of what they have heard about his attitude to women and sex - and yet his pre-occupation with reflection on the interior life makes his thought supremely relevant to contemporary quests for inner wholeness.

This introduction dispels some myths, engages with difficulties, but above all seeks to explain Augustine's 'spiritual psychology.' It is certain to whet the appetite for the spiritual feast that lies within Augustine's work.

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Author: Revd Dr Robert Innes

Robert Innes has, for the last 9 years, been Bishop of the Diocese in Europe, based in Brussels with a congregation in Kyiv and a chaplaincy in Moscow. He is chair of the Church of England’s Faith and Order Commission, the President of the Council of St John’s College, Durham, the Co-Chair of the Reuilly Conversations between the Anglican and French Protestant Churches and a member of the Clergy Discipline Commission. He is married to Helen, and they have four grown-up children and four grandchildren.

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