S 79 Harry Potter and the Meaning of Life

Harry Potter is a publishing phenomenon. Never before has a children's book caught the public imagination so quickly and with such wide appeal. The publicity has certainly been good, but behind the hype lie well-written stories that both children and adults find hard to put down.

But what are the stories about? Is there a hidden menace behind the magic? Or are they really about character, friendship and the choices we make between good and evil? This engaging study looks at the spirituality of Harry Potter on its own terms, without either demonizing or Christianizing it, and offers a valuable model for missionary engagement with our culture.
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Author: Revd Philip Plyming

Philip is Curate of Christ Church, Chineham. Before ordination he studied languages and theology, from which he developed his interest in contemporary apologetics - making connetions between the words and stories of this world and Christian faith. He is married to Annabelle, a doctor in general practice.

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