S 78 How Hymns Shape Our Lives

Words set to music engage the emotions and lodge in the memory. That is why we are likely to be humming something we sang on Sunday a long time after we remember the sermon. Hymns have a formative power in the lives of the people who sing them. We ignore this at our peril and enter into it for our good.

This study looks at what hymns do - teach faith, build trust, bring hope and shape action. With a wealth of creative insights, it sets out the key ingredients for a healthy diet of hymns and songs.
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Author: Revd Rosalind Brown

Rosalind Brown is Canon Residentiary at Durham Cathedral. She has a longstanding interest in hymnody, and is herself a prize winning and published author of hymn texts, some of which are published in 'Sing! New Words for Worship' (Sarum College Press).

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