S 56 Spirituality and Remembering (1996)


Remembering can be both a positive and negative experience, but it is central to biblical spirituality - God shows his care for his people in remembering them, and calls them to remember him in their national life. This study explores the significance of remembering for spirituality, in the formation of personal identity and in pastoral care, and includes practical exercises in each of these areas.

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Author: Revd Liz Culling

Revd Liz Culling is ordained and tutors at Cranmer Hall. A special interest in spiritual dirction is nourished by writing for the Church of England Newspaper, parenting a three-year-old and recently training as a life coach.

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Author: Liz Hoare

Liz Hoare is ordained in the Anglican church and teaches spirituality and spiritual formation at Wycliffe Hall. She has a special interest in spiritual direction and is the author of ‘Using the Bible in Spiritual Direction.’ Liz enjoys discussing novels, birdwatching and keeping up with her teenage son.

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