S 51 Power and Vulnerability: Reflections on Mark 9

The two chapters of this book approach the story of Jesus healing the epileptic demoniac (Mark Chapter 9.14-29) from two different and complementary directions.

The first sets out to discover where power can be found in situations in which we seem powerless and vulnerable. We find it in the power to offer ourselves in all our vulnerability to God. This is true prayer, which we hear expressed in the cry, 'I believe; help my unbelief!'

The second chapter wonders how the power we do have can serve those we meet who are oppressed and who suffer. We find that if power is used with vulnerability, to enter into the suffering of another, then we can be agents of God’s deliverance from evil. This is true authority, which we see exercised in the healing ministry of Jesus.
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Author: Revd Dr Roland Riem

Roly has belonged to the spirituality group since 1993 and has written a couple of books in the series. He has responsibility for ministerial formation on the Southern Theological Education and Training Scheme (STETS). His current research interest is the relationship between spirituality and pastoral care.

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