S 163 Post-truth and the False Self: Finding Identity in God through Centering Prayer


‘Post-truth’ as a concept is firmly established in the popular discourse. Objective facts are trumped by a version of events that appeals to emotion and personal belief, leaving truth by the wayside.

This compelling study argues that an idolatrous and illusory understanding of who we are, summed up in Thomas Merton’s idea of the ‘false self,’ leaves us especially vulnerable to the deceit of post-truth. In response it offers spiritual exercises in centering prayer, which brings us into encounter with God and the truth that our identity is secure in His love.

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Author: Simon J Taylor

Simon J Taylor has been a university lecturer and a parish priest. His doctoral thesis was on the work of René Girard. He is the author of ‘How to Read the Bible (without switching off your Brain)’ (SPCK, 2015).

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