S 160 Enjoying Sabbath: A Guided Exploration of the Sabbath Landscape (2022)


Sabbath is an intentional and imaginative gift from God, given to help us both survive and thrive. It can change not only what we do, but how we see ourselves, how we see others and how we see God.

This illuminating guide explores how a full appreciation of sabbath can permeate every aspect of life and ministry, bringing a deeper way of life that is guided by grace and not driven by performance and guilt.

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Author: Andrew Schuman

Andrew Schuman is Vicar of St Christopher’s in South Bristol and works for his deanery. As a Franciscan and a geographer he has a heart for chaplaincy and for joining in with what God is doing in the world, and also ministers as a Chaplain to St John Ambulance and the Sea Cadet Corps.

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