S 151 Seeking Spiritual Direction: How to Find Support for Your Spiritual Life (2019)


Spiritual direction is an ancient way of drawing attention to the primacy of God’s perspective on life. Practised well, it is the art of keeping out of the way and, like the good teacher or midwife, enabling the directee to encounter God directly.

Aimed at anyone interested in receiving spiritual direction, this illuminating guide examines the origins of the practice in the Bible and early church, and explores how it can support the radical, prophetic way of life that Jesus calls us to. 

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Author: Liz Hoare

Liz Hoare is ordained in the Anglican church and teaches spirituality and spiritual formation at Wycliffe Hall. She has a special interest in spiritual direction and is the author of ‘Using the Bible in Spiritual Direction.’ Liz enjoys discussing novels, birdwatching and keeping up with her teenage son.

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Author: Nick Helm

Nick Helm is an Anglican priest who has offered spiritual direction and training in spiritual direction for over twenty years. He has worked as Advisor in Spirituality in the Diocese of Sheffield and Ministerial and Spiritual Development Officer in the Diocese of Hereford.

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