S 147 Finding God at Home: A Sacramental Approach to Spirituality in the Home (2018)


Often we take our homes for granted, blinded by familiarity to the holy potential they hold. Could they become a place where small practices become sacred disciplines, creating space for others to be and to belong? Can we transform chore to sacrament?

This valuable guide explores a spirituality of the home, examining how we tend and care for our domestic space and those who live, work, grow and find hospitality within it. It shows how our homes can serve and glorify God, pointing to different ways of being, and seeing, than the world around us knows.

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Author: Ali Mackenzie

Ali Mackenzie is a spiritual director and voluntary chaplain at the University of Derby, Buxton Campus, and an occasional adjunct lecturer at Cliff College, teaching in spirituality. Ali lives in Buxton with Ed and their two lovely boys, Archie and Toby.

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