S 146 Writing Prayer Poetry: How to Deepen Your Prayer Life (2018)


Great orators throughout history have used the power of words to stir the hearts of listeners for good or ill. However, this booklet is not focused solely on the power of words, or on the influence of others’ poetry upon a person. 

Rather, this practical guide examines the effect of writing poetry on the individual, and gves an insight into how it can be an aid to journeying in prayer. At its heart is the notion that acts of personal creativity can lead to holy ground in a very special and deeply meaningful way. 

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Author: Kathy Marsh

Kathy Marsh volunteers at a local community centre as part of a community café team. Family and community involvement are important to her. In The Parish of Mill End and Heronsgate with West Hyde, Kathy holds the roles of parish warden, Mothers’ Union contact person, and leads a book/fellowship group and times of reflection at Quiet Space, an ecumenical contemplative group. Kathy is also a member of Contemplative Fire, a Fresh Expressions church. She is trained as a spiritual director.

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