S 142 Silence: The Gateway to God (2017)


This is a book about silence for those who do not find it easy but know they need it. It is not about how to feel less stressed or more peaceful. It is not about feelings at all. Silence brings us face to face with our disordered appetites and reactive ways of living. But in the midst of life, it can be elusive and difficult to cultivate.

This insightful guide explores Christian understandings of silence, and suggests ways of growing in our relationship with it. With a series of reflections and perspectives on how to approach our times of stillness, it offers practical advice on how to make silence the point where we stop trying and instead make space for God, who needs no help or persuading to love us.

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Author: David Runcorn

David Runcorn is an Anglican priest whose ministry includes spiritual direction, theological teaching, writing, retreat leading and conference speaker. He lives in Gloucester where he is Associate Director of Ordinands and Warden of Readers. He is the author of a number of books, including 'Spirituality Workbook—a guide for Explorers, Pilgrims and Seekers’, 'Fear and Trust—God centred leadership' (both SPCK) and most recently 'Dust and Glory' (BRF 2016).

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