S 135 A Spirituality of Peacemaking: Putting Biblical Principles into Action (2015)


Christians are called to be peacemakers—to bring the peace and love of God into the heart of conflict, that forgiveness, reconciliation, and hope may prevail.

This detailed study offers insight and advice to those working in the field of Christian peacemaking, drawn from the life and work of Roy Calvocoressi OBE and the charity he founded, Christian International Peace Service (CHIPS).

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Author: Elfrida Calvocoressi

Elfrida Calvocoressi has been involved in peacemaking for 40 years. Roy, her husband, founded CHIPS (Christian International Peace Service, in 1964. Elfrida qualified as a nurse/midwife in 1962, and was latterly based in Ngora (Uganda) with CMS. A trustee of various charities, including CHIPS, she is a lay leader in her local church and mother of two.

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